With the launch of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, the group is delving into their lessons, choosing them aside, and figuring out the cream of the crop. Whereas some are using excessive, Steadiness Druids are in dire straights with many leaping ship to different specs.

Taking a visit to Dreamgrove, the preferred World of Warcraft Druid Discord channel the place gamers change suggestions round their chosen class, channels are filled with dialogue on the newest developments. Whereas devoted pages for Restoration, Guardian or Feral Druids reside giant, the Steadiness Druid web page is stuffed with confusion, frustration, and doomer conclusions.

You possibly can watch the brand new cinematic for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight right here!

“It does no harm, a bug loses you 20% harm in AOE, it dies to a light-weight breeze, your harm requires the longest ramp within the sport and nonetheless does 30% much less harm in comparison with the worst melee within the sport even in case you did not depend the ramp!” writes Chickenxd through Discord DMs. As an skilled on the category who has been raiding because the Legion growth, they’ve been explaining the scenario to gamers because the growth’s launch, and have even written up a “Balance Refugee guide” for gamers trying to delve into troublesome dungeon content material.

That bug is the actual killer, amongst a cavalcade of different troublesome issues. Steadiness Druids ought to have the ability to unfold a strong means known as Sunfire throughout a number of enemies, rising their harm taken. Nevertheless, the bug removes Mastery stat scaling when this means is utilized, which drastically reduces the amongst of harm you may deal to a number of enemies without delay. Since clearing out giant packs is the bread and butter of Mythic + dungeon content material, this leaves Steadiness Druids within the mud.

As such, Steadiness Druids are opting to leap over to totally different specs for this Mythic+ content material, an particularly tempting proposition because of how good Restoration Druids and Feral Druids are proper now. Why battle within the rooster coop, when you may plant your roots as a healer?

There’s a silver lining although. Whereas Steadiness Druids are terrible in Mythic dungeon content material, they could nonetheless have a spot in raids. They’re under no circumstances prime tier, however Chickenxd believes a spot for them: That is because of world first raiders, with groups like Echo having Steadiness gamers who could make it work thanks to non-public talent. The raid compositions of the most effective groups typically trickle all the way down to common teams, so you should still see a couple of locations for Steadiness Druids.

All in all, it’s a numbers drawback. The category was much better within the beta for Dragonflight, and seems to have been slapped down a couple of notches. That plus the bug leaves Steadiness Druid scattering to greener pastures. Right here’s hoping that with a couple of updates and a few tweaks in key areas, we’ll see these chickens come dwelling to roost.

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