Snakes are one of the crucial harmful animals on the planet. There are roughly 200 species of snakes that may hurt people. Bites from some serpent species are sometimes deadly to just about all animals. However what eats snakes? Are there any animals that hunt snakes?

Actually, there are a number of animals which can be able to defending themselves towards serpents of all kinds. And never simply that – in addition they usually devour snakes that had been unfortunate sufficient to come across these predators. 

What eats snakes? The listing of prime snake hunters

Hunters of harmful venomous serpents do exist. Right here is the listing of these fascinating animals which can be able to defeating snakes – and even consuming them:

  1. Wolverine

Wolverine. Picture credit score: Wildfaces by way of Pixabay, free license

This animal is thought for its ferocity and power in proportion to its dimension and might kill prey many instances bigger than itself. Apart from snakes, it eats rodents, rabbits, worms, mice, frogs, and birds. Wolverine is muscular and stocky. They’ll climb timber and swim to succeed in their prey.

Apart from being hunters, they’re additionally scavengers. Wolverines discover carrion themselves, feed on it after the predator has completed, or take it from one other predator.

  1. Mongoose
Yellow mongoose.

Yellow mongoose. Picture credit score: Brenkee by way of Pixabay, free license

These small animals look cute, practically like cats. However there’s a purpose why it’s generally referred to as a hitman of cobras. Regardless of being carnivorous mammals, mongooses don’t pose any menace to people – though might chew if threatened. However for snakes, they’re the worst nightmare.

Opposite to a well-liked perception, mongooses will not be pure enemies of snakes. They’re simply very proficient in defending themselves towards snakes – they usually additionally occur to love snake meat, which is amongst their favourite meals.

  1. Kingsnake

Kingsnake. Picture credit score: sipa by way of Pixabay, free license

These snakes search out and eat different snakes, together with venomous ones. For example, they’re resistant to the poison of rattlesnakes. To kill their prey, they use constriction.

Some species of kingsnakes can exert twice as a lot constriction power relative to physique dimension as rat snakes and pythons. Due to this fact, they’re effectively tailored to killing snakes, which may endure decrease blood-oxygen ranges earlier than asphyxiating.

  1. Purple-Tailed Hawk
Red-tailed hawk.

Purple-tailed hawk. Picture credit score: GeorgeB2 by way of Pixabay, free license

Hawks are well-known for his or her extraordinary imaginative and prescient, permitting them to identify prey from excessive altitudes whereas these birds soar, completely observing the bottom.

Many species of hawk are identified to have the ability to kill serpents utilizing their sharp talons and beaks. However the red-tailed hawk particularly enjoys consuming them. That’s why snakes are on his day by day searching listing.

  1. Bobcat
Bobcat kittens. When they grow up, they become more than worthy to become members of the what eats snakes list.

Bobcat kittens. Once they develop up, they grow to be greater than worthy to grow to be members of the “what eats snakes” listing. Picture credit score: Summer season M. Tribble by way of Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

Most frequently, the weight loss plan of bobcats consists of rabbits, snakes, rodents, eggs, and lizards. They’ll additionally hunt such animals as white-tailed deer or rattlesnakes. Its searching technique differs from the animal it hunts.

When on the lookout for smaller animals, bobcat hunts in areas ample in prey. They lie, crouch, or stand and look ahead to victims to wander shut. Then, it pounces and grabs its prey with its sharp claws. When searching larger animals, it stalks from cowl and waits till prey comes inside 6 to 11 m (20 to 35 ft) earlier than attacking.

  1. Owls
Barred owl.

Barred owl. Picture credit score: akspiel by way of Pixabay, free license

These predators are identified to hunt small mammals. However as there are greater than 225 completely different species of owls, not all of them have the identical dietary preferences, and never all owls hunt and eat snakes.

There are, nevertheless, not less than 5 predominant species which can be identified to devour snakes as part of their meals ration: the nice horned owl, jap screech owl, barred owl, burrowing owl, and the long-eared owl. Snakes will not be their predominant meals, but when owls come throughout one, they may hunt them very willingly.

  1. Crocodile
Crocodile. There are not many animals that are not intimidated by this predator. Snakes are not an exception.

Crocodile. There will not be many animals that aren’t intimidated by this predator. Snakes will not be an exception. Picture credit score: Pexels, free license

You might assume that this reptile is sluggish and inefficient towards fast-acting snakes. However this isn’t true. When attacking, crocodiles strike swiftly, usually utilizing ambush methods. No snake can survive the lethal chew of such huge jaws, and that’s the reason they usually find yourself crushed and swallowed up in a single piece.

The worst factor is that the poor snake does not likely have an opportunity to defend itself: crocodiles are largely resistant to their assaults as snake fangs can’t simply pierce a crocodile’s pores and skin.

  1. Hedgehog
Hedgehog - isn't it cute? Bear in mind, it is one of the fiercest predators out there, that knows how to fight poisonous snakes. He doesn't do harm to humans, though.

Hedgehog – isn’t it cute? Keep in mind, it is among the fiercest predators on the market, that is aware of find out how to combat toxic snakes. He doesn’t do hurt to people, although. Picture credit score: Alexas Fotos by way of Pixabay, free license

Apart from different traits, this little animal is thought to be resistant to quite a lot of toxins. They’ll safely eat scorpions, spiders, beetles, frogs, bees, and snakes.

Nevertheless, they’re omnivorous and in addition eat mushrooms, grass, or berries. Often, they feed at evening and devour a 3rd of their weight. However within the case of shortage, they will additionally go prolonged durations with out consuming.

  1. American Badger
American Badger (Taxidea taxus).

American Badger (Taxidea taxus). Picture credit score: Oregon Division of Fish and Wildlife by way of Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 2.0

These stocky, short-legged animals are frequent all through North America and belong to the identical household as otters, ferrets, weasels, and wolverines.

They sometimes eat grains and seeds, however solely when they don’t have something higher to feast on. American badgers are carnivorous and would eat a snake very fortunately. They’re thought-about a major predator on rattlesnakes.

  1. Secretary Hen
Secretary bird.

Secretary chicken. Picture credit score: Antony Trivet by way of Pixabay, free license

This chicken, native to sub-Saharan Africa, can hit a snake with a power equal to 5 instances its physique weight, with a contact interval of solely 10–15 milliseconds. These birds are admired of their native areas for his or her means to take care of toxic serpents, together with adders and cobras.

Their unusually lengthy legs are an adaptation for the chicken’s distinctive stomping and putting searching methodology. These talents imply that the secretary chicken has superior visible focusing on and motor management.

Closing phrase

Regardless of being fearsome creatures, snakes have their very own enemies who hunt them. Generally, snakes fall sufferer to their very own prey – some mammals are expert in defending themselves towards venomous serpents.

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