Warzone 2, as you will have assumed, is battling all method of bugs in its opening weeks. That is regular, however a brand new discovery by one participant pushes the boundaries of what’s potential within the recreation proper now. We’re speaking underwater Cargo Vans. Makeshift submarines.

This was uncovered by Reddit user Possibility47, who posted their discovery on-line in a brief video clip. In it, we are able to see them race off into the water. The car doesn’t break down as anticipated; as a substitute, it vehicles alongside alongside the ocean mattress. Secure from hurt, and albeit tranquil.

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This bug, if replicable, opens the doorways to some rancid stalling in the precise palms. Cargo Vans, solely drivable in Squad playlists of the battle royale mode, are the kind of car which are extremely sought over. For those who can simply bounce in with your folks and journey huge distances underwater danger-free, the chances are worrying.

Right here’s what’s unusual although. I jumped into Warzone 2 at this time and tried my hand at replicating the bug. It doesn’t matter what I attempted, I had no luck. Both the actions you must carry out are fairly obscure, or it’s tough to breed. Each good indicators by way of the waves this bug may make in Warzone 2. If the overwhelming majority of gamers can’t do it, there’s not as a lot strain for Raven Software program to repair it.

It’s, admittedly, fairly humorous to take a look at. Who would not have a little bit of enjoyable underneath the ocean? Clearly, not with the ability to tackle a squad as they James Bond fashion drive into the water is a bit tough, however hopefully this passes rapidly and we are able to all simply look again fondly at this bizarre, area of interest situation.

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