In a brilliantly on-brand transfer, Oculus VR headset creator Palmer Luckey has created an explosive headset designed to kill the wearer in the event that they die in a online game.The well-known VR engineer has not worn the helmet himself, after all, as he is scared that it could unintentionally set off and blow his head off. Nevertheless, we consider there’s some benefit to this concept within the trendy world of video video games.

To show it, we’ve written out the 5 video games we expect can be actually enhanced by Palmer Luckey’s mind-blowing VR headset. Let’s be actual, it’ll by no means occur. This headset will ever really go anyplace (at the very least, we hope not), but it surely’s a enjoyable thought experiment to contemplate which video games will probably be enhanced with that IRL risk, nonetheless.

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League of Legends

It’s 3AM. You’re down 50LP in platinum and also you’re working it down midlane for one remaining sport earlier than calling it an evening. You’re a Zed foremost, due to course you might be, and it’s as much as you to hold the sport in your again. You get to lane, hit degree 2 first and press your benefit, getting in for the kill.

After some missed shurikens and two tower photographs to the face, you die. The very last thing you hear are lacking pings as your mind detonates. As your loved ones rushes into your room in tears, the highest lane Aatrox refuses to press sure on the give up vote. For him, it’s nonetheless winnable.

League of Legends is a good sport. It’s additionally essentially the most irritating sport I’ve ever performed in my life. Whereas the technical benefits of a VR headset wouldn’t actually come into play a lot right here, these explosive costs positive do match the ranked-grind vibe.


There’s nothing fairly as impactful each visually and audibly as an AWP kill in CS:GO. The gun is like this mixture of a scalpel and a cannon, capable of take out different gamers from nice distances with the pressure of a transferring prepare. As such, whenever you handle to land a headshot with the AWP the enemy participant will get blown away with a sudden bang.

However we are able to take this additional. For one, we all know that VR FPS video games could be hella enjoyable, and there’s no motive to consider that CS:GO isn’t simply as a lot of a blast as it’s performed by way of a monitor. The actual prize does in truth come from the head-mounted explosives although. There’s nothing higher than a AWP-off down the centre of Mud 2, and I consider it’ll be even cooler if the loser goes out in a bang.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a coronary heart wrenching, fascinating, and really humorous RPG which matches over some heavy stuff. We’re speaking some correct dives into political concept bud, buckle up. It additionally places you within the sneakers of Harrier Du Bois, an unconventional detective struggling to resolve a homicide behind the Whirling in Rags.

There are many moments that might be raised to lofty heights of inventive benefit with the help of Mr Luckey’s VR headset. The beginning-of-game coronary heart assault whereas failing to seize your tie of the ceiling fan. Failing to claim your authority over the Hardy Boys with Kim’s gun, botching your bodily confrontation with Measurehead, and being known as a nonce by Cuno. It’s a match too good to not embrace.

Elden Ring

Look, that is clearly a tough one. There are many moments that might result in truthful and righteous frontal lobe explosions if paired with Elden Ring. Nevertheless, in my thoughts, I can’t think about any funnier end-of-lie expertise than misjudging the autumn distance whereas navigating the open world on Torrent.

Simply think about it. Some doomed particular person, gently attempting to make their approach down a sheer drop with some clunky horseback platforming, slipping up and attempting desperately to double bounce to a secure spot on a cliff face. That clearly wouldn’t work out, as a result of it not often does, and the “You died” would ship them on their approach.

Cyberpunk 2077

This final one is a shoe in simply because the concept Palmer Luckey really created this factor is a bit dystopian yeah? Simply sitting in his workplace or storage, ready for a courageous particular person to place it on like The Masks from Jim Carrey’s The Masks, though most likely with much less hijinx concerned.

I imply actually, subsequent to the speaking merchandising machines, VR intercourse homes, bodily enhancements and all method of technological weirdness in Cyberpunk 2077, an explosive VR headset appears a bit bland as compared. Not when in your head when enjoying Cyberpunk after all, however you would be experiencing the height of immersive gaming earlier than Johnny Silverhand t-poses and also you fall by way of the map as your cranium flies aside.

That wraps up our prime 5 video games we’d like to play on Palmer Luckey’s VR headset! In case you can consider any extra, tell us under. And simply in case we have to spell this out, please don’t really put the bloody factor on in the event you get an opportunity.

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