Is not it terribly boring that so many ranked lists of Zelda video games, whether or not it is “greatest music” or “greatest coiffure for Hyperlink” or one thing else, find yourself dominated by Breath of the Wild? Properly, not this one, as a result of at this time we’re rating the perfect dungeons within the Legend of Zelda sequence, and for as soon as, BOTW would not have a lot so as to add (though it seems like Tears of the Kingdom may).

However somewhat than stating Breath of the Wild’s dungeonlessness, let’s as an alternative have a good time the sensible design, visuals, and music of our prime 15 favorite dungeons over the previous 35+ years, in addition to the artistic bosses, settings, and gadgets that set these dungeons aside from all the remaining.

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15. Stone Tower Temple (Majora’s Masks)

Picture: Zelda Wiki

Discussing Majora’s Masks’s temples with the NL group, we principally landed on “they do not maintain a candle to different Zelda video games”, and even Stone Tower Temple was a toss-up, as a result of its central mechanic of getting flipped, turned the other way up makes the entire thing very disorienting.

Nevertheless, this gigantic temple is the end result of a lot of Majora’s Masks’s story threads and mechanics, together with using all 4 Hyperlink statues, in addition to hearth, water, and Mirror Protect-based puzzles. Certain, it is irritating to be consistently switching kinds, but it surely’s nonetheless a masterpiece of puzzle work, and deserves to be on this checklist… even whether it is proper on the backside.

14. Catfish’s Maw (Hyperlink’s Awakening)

Catfish's Maw
Picture: Nintendo Life

Populated by Bloobers, Cheep-Cheeps, and Goombas, Catfish’s Maw incorporates a variety of the trademark Hyperlink’s Awakening weirdness, plus the Grasp Stalfos, a mini-boss that it’s a must to defeat 4 separate instances, and Gohma, everybody’s favorite recurring dangerous man.

The boss is the Slime Eel — a haunting re-imagining of a Chain Chomp — who leaves you with an unnerving message because it dies, saying that you do not even know what Koholint Island is. That is true, after all, however you do not know that but!

13. Snowpeak Ruins (Twilight Princess)

Picture: Zelda Wiki

Snowpeak Ruins takes the tried-and-tested Zelda temple method and subverts it. As a substitute of an deserted temple, it is a decrepit mansion; as an alternative of some evil monster ready for you on the finish, it is a sick outdated woman who turns into corrupted by a cursed mirror. As a substitute of discovering maps and fixing puzzles, you will be… making soup.

It is at all times good to be shocked in a Zelda recreation, as a result of the sequence’ traditions and tropes are so sturdy by now, and Snowpeak is a superb instance the right way to break the principles correctly. In spite of everything, Twilight Princess takes place in a damaged, shattered world, the place the traditional Zelda guidelines do not apply, and all the things is unusual and completely different — why not have a temple that is simply somebody’s home?

12. Dragon Roost Cavern (Wind Waker)

Dragon Roost
Picture: Zelda Wiki

Fireplace temples in Zelda video games can be annoying, lava-filled mazes, however this early-game volcano degree in Wind Waker is just not that. As a substitute, it is each a superbly easy but compelling introduction to a brand new type of Zelda video games, with a banging soundtrack, a cool new merchandise (the Grappling Hook), and the return of our outdated buddy Gohma, whom you will must defeat by pulling on a dragon’s tail to dislodge the ceiling above her. We love progressive Zelda boss battles, and this is among the GOATs. Or ought to that be GOHMAs?

11. Distress Mire (A Hyperlink to the Previous)

Misery Mire
Picture: Zelda Dungeon

The Distress Mire is situated within the Swamp of Evil, which is about as apparent a clue as you may get that that is not a pleasant place to be. Nevertheless, this Hyperlink to the Previous dungeon is a Zelda traditional, and never as depressing because it sounds. The Darkish World model of the Desert Palace, Distress Mire is a green-tinted maze with a bunch of optionally available content material, and numerous methods to finish the dungeon, making it really feel extra like an journey than a puzzle with one answer.

Oh, and the boss is a pile of eyes. Everybody is aware of that the weak level of a Zelda boss is the eyes! This man is 100% weak spots!

10. Swamp Palace (A Hyperlink to the Previous)

Swamp Palace
Picture: Zelda Wiki

If we owned a palace, we might most likely name it one thing cool, and never “Swamp Palace”, however hey. Every to their very own. No less than Swamp Palace is a dungeon which you’ll be able to enter from the very starting of the sport, however not progress any additional, leaving little Hyperlink with a giant thriller to unravel. It is also apparently the primary ever water-themed dungeon within the Zelda sequence, which harnesses the ability of the moist stuff to create liquid-based puzzles and oceanic monsters that undoubtedly need to drag you right down to the deep.

This Hyperlink to the Previous dungeon is additionally the primary time you will ever get the Hookshot, which is among the most creative weapons/instruments within the early Zelda sequence, which permits Hyperlink to zip over to hitherto unreachable locations. This was a literal game-changer within the early ’90s!

9. Sandship (Skyward Sword)

Picture: Marz

While you attain Lanayru Sand Sea’s Sandship, you have simply harnessed the ability of Timeshift Stones to navigate your means by a dried-up ocean, in a somewhat stunning sequence that includes a variety of vibrantly-coloured coral, in an effort to catch a ship that is invisible.

The Sandship has been overrun by pirates, and you may want to make use of extra of these Timeshift Stones to discover the ship, climb the rigging, take down the pirate scum, and defeat a pirate captain robotic mini-boss and a big tentacle monster who seems rather a lot like Celia from Monsters Inc. A lot to do!

We simply actually love Skyward Sword’s Lanayru robots, and having a boat-themed dungeon is at all times a welcome Zelda twist — we additionally noticed it in Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass! We predict this one’s the very best iteration of it, although.

8. Tower of the Gods (Wind Waker)

Tower of the Gods
Picture: Zelda Dungeon

Each every now and then, a Zelda recreation could have a dungeon that’s not a Ganon-infested maze full of lava and skeletal mini-bosses, however a deity-built take a look at for the hero. These dungeons are oddly serene, with a objective that’s extra than simply “assist, our temple is stuffed with evil bugs” — they exist to offer Hyperlink with a trial to show himself, and you’ll nearly really feel the gods watching down on you from above, fingers crossed in your success.

Wind Waker’s Tower of the Gods is one in all these, and finishing it feels particularly poignant — a job that Hyperlink should do fully alone. Even summoning this tower is a monumental second, because it rises from the depths after Hyperlink locations three sacred pearls in three sacred statues to kind a giant, watery Triforce; and when the temple is full and the boss is defeated, you get to journey right down to the frozen-in-time Hyrule Fort, which is among the greatest moments within the recreation. So cool.

7. Metropolis within the Sky (Twilight Princess)

City in the Sky
Picture: Zelda Dungeon

A metropolis? Within the sky? What is that this, Skyward Sword? Nope, it is Twilight Princess’ Historic-Greece-themed seventh dungeon, the house of the creepy-looking-but-friendly Oocca tribe. Hyperlink’s new Double Clawshots make exploration of this dungeon a breeze (pun meant, it is a windy dungeon), and very quickly in any respect, you will be zipping across the place like Tarzan.

Going down late within the recreation, Metropolis within the Sky seems like a end result of a variety of the stuff you’ve realized and gadgets you have discovered whereas taking part in the sport, and the ultimate boss — Argorok, a flying dragon — is sufficiently difficult to match.

6. Thieves’ Hideout (A Hyperlink Between Worlds)

Thieves' Hideout
Picture: Zelda Dungeon

A Hyperlink to the Previous steals a variety of A Hyperlink Between Worlds’ glory, since a variety of their dungeons are comparable, however Thieves’ Hideout stands all by itself.

The Thieves’ Hideout is a type of warehouse for the Thieves’ City above, which requires a particular poem password to permit Hyperlink to achieve entry (they’re very romantic thieves). It is a dungeon that feels appropriate to its setting, the place all of the treasure chests inside really feel like thieves’ plunder, and it’s a must to safe the assistance of a pink-haired Thief Woman to navigate the maze-like corridors. Juggling each Hyperlink and the lady to press switches and remedy puzzles provides an additional dimension to the dungeon, with out ever feeling like an irritating escort mission ( you, Jabu Jabu’s Stomach).

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