It’s as easy a plot as you would presumably hope for in a tie-in online game, however there are just a few attention-grabbing twists chucked in to maintain gamers on their toes. In the event you die within the recreation, you’ll respawn as a distinct soldier, however the physique of your former protagonist may have reanimated, forcing you to take down a zombified model of your former self with the intention to retrieve key objects left behind. This mechanic is then additional explored within the ending of the sport, with as much as three attainable conclusions obtainable relying in your efficiency, with a particular ending being unlocked in the event you handle to get by the complete recreation with out dying as soon as.

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Maybe most significantly, nevertheless, The Mummy Demastered managed to attain one thing that the film couldn’t; one thing that Brendan Fraser had so succinctly communicated in only a few quick sentences. It was enjoyable. Actually enjoyable, the truth is! Taking inspiration from the likes of Contra, Castlevania, and Ghosts ‘n Ghouls, The Mummy Demastered is a pixel artwork Metroidvania by which you navigate by a labyrinthine setting crammed to the brim with undead beasts. You’ll encounter locked passageways that can subsequently open up entire new areas when you find the important thing or merchandise required to proceed.

As you progress, you achieve new weaponry (grenades, highly effective machine weapons, and the like) together with invaluable well being upgrades. To counter this, the sport introduces new enemy sorts and boss characters that can check the talents of even the extra hardcore Metroidvania fan. There’s nothing right here that hasn’t essentially been achieved earlier than (and arguably higher, in some cases), however it’s easy, easy enjoyable with not one of the pomp or absurdity from the film itself.

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Picture: WayForward Applied sciences

The truth is, except for the occasional transient look from Russel Crowe and Sofia Boutella, the sport virtually actively distances itself from the film, and it’s all the higher for it. Anticipating to play a operating simulator starring Tom Cruise? Assume once more. Trying ahead to some comedic cutscenes that includes a ghostly Jake Johnson? Properly, you ain’t gonna get it right here, buddy. We reckon some of us may be delay by the thought of a recreation based mostly on such a horrible film, and in some respects, we wouldn’t be stunned if the hyperlink between the 2 actively harmed the success of The Mummy Demastered. A demake of the Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz film? Heck, that may get the crowds in! The Tom Cruise one? Erm, nah, you are alright.

Nonetheless, in the event you’re a fan of Metroidvanias and have but to play WayForward’s tackle The Mummy, then do yourselves a favour and get it downloaded ASAP! It’s thrilling and charming in equal measure, and that is the identical now because it was 5 years in the past; briefly, it’s every thing the film is not.

Tell us within the feedback what you make of The Mummy Demastered and the ill-fated movie. Is it the most effective recreation to come back from a foul movie?

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