Picture: Nintendo/Pexels/Trung Nguyen / Nintendo/Creatures Inc./Recreation Freak

As a girl who will in all probability some day must put on an engagement ring, I’ve spent some period of time enthusiastic about what designs I truly like. Sadly, it seems that almost all of them are designed to tear up any sort of knitted sweater as quickly as you place your arms into the sleeves, and I can’t for the lifetime of me perceive how that is nonetheless a factor. I like sporting knitted sweaters!

The explanation I carry this up is as a result of this 1-carat solitaire ring, which is available in all gold, all platinum, and a mixture of platinum and gold accents, appears prefer it was precision-engineered to destroy each single piece of knitwear recognized to man. Nonetheless, it is usually Pikachu-themed. I’m torn.

The ring, which is offered on U-Treasure (who make a variety of Pokémon jewelry), contains a female and male Pikachu sitting both facet of a 1-carat diamond, though you’ll be able to’t select to have the Pikachus be the identical gender, in order that’s a little bit limiting.

You can order the rings from the website — every one prices 1,825,000 yen (round $13,760 / £11.410), irrespective of the fabric.

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