7-Eleven Poké Ball Onigiri: The Nintendo Life Overview

We, in fact, should start with the ball that began all of it…

Poké Ball

This red-and-white authentic comes with roasted pork, garlic, and mayonnaise.

Of all three balls, this was the toughest to eat…the sausage slab slid off the rice and we have been pressured to eat them individually

As you’ll be able to see within the pictures, the Pokéball design consists of the outer plastic wrapping solely. Beneath, the spherical onigiri loosely resembles what we used to catch our first Caterpies and Weedles. Nonetheless, the color of the pork and the darkish band of seaweed invoke the picture of a Poké Ball. As seen within the cross-section, the cooks at 7-Eleven sandwiched a dollop of mayonnaise between the rice and meat.

Earlier than we bit in, we questioned the place this pork got here from. With Scarlet and Violet’s launch, maybe this sausage was constituted of a Lechonk, or possibly the cooks pulled from Pokémon’s previous to fillet a distinct pig-themed Pokémon akin to Tepig. They uncared for to specify which Pokémon we’re feasting on, although we’re certain all of them style considerably the identical anyway.

Of all three balls, this was the toughest to eat. Instantly after taking a chunk, the sausage slab slid off the rice and we have been pressured to eat them individually as if it have been an unfinished Lechonk fried rice dish. That mentioned, the Lechonk slice was fairly tasty, if a bit of salty, regardless of the onigiri costing solely 172 yen from a comfort retailer. The band of seaweed, or nori, and the rice itself we loved as they have been fairly contemporary.

Nevertheless, as we admittedly don’t like Japanese mayonnaise, the little blob within the center turned us off the entire bundle. It overpowered any trace of garlic like a Dragonite utilizing Hyper Beam on a Pidgey, leaving us total disillusioned with the unique Poké Ball.

Common: 5/10

Nice Ball

The blue and crimson Nice Ball takes the favored Japanese dish of omelette rice and compresses it down right into a compact rice/Pokéball kind.

Whereas the omelette itself lacked any fluffy butteriness, the rice had a spicy little zing to it that made up for the egg

Omelette rice – or omurice – usually sees fried rice wrapped in a skinny omelette earlier than being topped with ketchup. On this kind, a considerably thick layer of omelette tops the onigiri, and as a substitute of being drizzled with ketchup, the cooks blended the ketchup into the rice itself. Inside, a mushroom and hen mix awaits hungry Pokémon followers and Japanese businessmen that wished to boost their comfort retailer lunch a bit of.

Very like the Poké Ball, we questioned from which Pokémon the eggs got here – was it a Togepi? Or a chicken-like Pokémon akin to Torchic? Who can say? What we are able to let you know, nevertheless, is that the mushroom inside undoubtedly reminded us of Amoonguss. Or possibly it was Shiinotic.

We digress. We loved this onigiri greater than the primary as a result of the omelette on high stayed put. Consuming it by hand, as Arceus supposed of all onigiri, was a way more nice expertise. Whereas the omelette itself lacked any fluffy butteriness, giving it each bland style and texture, the rice had a spicy little zing to it that made up for the egg – and no, it didn’t style strictly of ketchup.

The Amoonguss and Torchic combination, nevertheless, combines for a wierd, mushy combination that we might’ve finished with out. Actually, we weren’t sure if any Torchic was current. Admittedly, we’re not large mushroom followers.

Not Fairly Nice, However Good: 7/10

Extremely Ball

Very like within the precise video games, the Extremely Ball captured our style buds the simplest. A mix of pork (Grumpig?), a medium-boiled egg (Happiny?), and soy sauce doesn’t appear that particular when in comparison with the opposite two, but it surely all comes collectively to create a way more savoury onigiri.

In case you squint, the half of a boiled egg within the centre might signify the Extremely Ball’s launch button, or maybe a Pokémon itself. A band of seaweed envelopes the highest half to symbolise the black design of an Extremely Ball. Apart from this, it thematically has little to do with its packaging, and of the three we’d argue appears to be like the least appetising.

Generally, simplicity wins the day. The half of an egg within the centre was cooked properly, being neither dry nor runny, although we wished a pinch of salt to sprinkle on it. The seaweed supplied a barely crunchy texture with an fragrant style. But it surely was the rice itself, blended along with soy sauce and chunks of Grumpig, that resulted in our style buds being critically captured.

It was, actually, not too far gone from a daily previous fried rice ball – our private favorite. Of the three, we wouldn’t hesitate to buy the Extremely Ball onigiri as soon as once more.

Extremely Balls, Certainly: 9/10

Ultra Ball Half Unwrapped
Picture: Lowell Bell / Nintendo Life

Hungry for some donuts rice balls? In case you had the possibility to pop right into a Japanese 7-Eleven, which of those onigiri balls would you wish to eat most – if in any respect? You’ll want to tell us within the feedback!

*Assured 15% minimal real Pokémon. Most likely. Could comprise traces of Digimon.

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