The elephant fish (Callorhinchus milii), also called Australian ghostshark, silver trumpeter, or plough-nose chimaera, is a fish with an uncommon look. It has a big fleshy cartilaginous trunk protruding from the snout, therefore the title. This species can be intently associated to sharks. 

Elephant Fish (Australian Ghost Shark), Melbourne Aquarium.

Elephant fish (Australian Ghost Shark), Melbourne Aquarium. Picture credit score: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos by way of Wikimedia, CC BY-NC

What does Elephant fish use its snout for?

The elephant fish makes use of it to probe the underside for small fishes and invertebrates. Because of this a hoe-shaped snout is primarily a mechanical instrument serving to this animal to search out meals. No different makes use of for this organ are recognized to scientists.

Is Elephant fish actually a shark?

This species belongs to a gaggle of cartilaginous fishes, which have skeletons primarily composed of cartilage as a substitute of bone. Different cartilaginous fishes embody sharks and rays. So it’s not a shark in a direct sense, however you could name them very shut relations.

By the way in which – it has a really sharp backbone in its dorsal fin, which is venomous. Fortunately, till now no severe accidents have been reported.

The place does Elephant fish dwell and the way large it’s?

The elephant fish is present in southern Australia and New Zealand.

Its common dimension is 60 to 90 centimeters. Totally matured specimens usually develop as much as round 6 kg (13 lb) in weight. There are unconfirmed studies from industrial fishermen about elephant fish weighing as much as 9 kg (20 lb).

It has easy pores and skin, which is vibrant silver with darkish blotches. Elephant fishes have a seven-centimeter-long spike on their dorsal fin, which is used to defend towards predators.

Are you able to eat an Elephant fish?

Individuals usually mistakenly choose the style based mostly on the looks of the species. The looks of the elephant fish is certainly a bit odd. That’s the reason it’s usually offered beneath totally different names akin to silver trumpeter and silverfish.

The truth that this fish has no bones, however solely softer cartilage, makes it simple to eat. That’s why it is without doubt one of the species usually used to make battered fish offered in fish and chips takeaways in New Zealand.

Most individuals agree that this fish tastes good. It’s appropriate for all cooking strategies, and its meat has a comparatively excessive protein content material.

Historic species

Cartilaginous fishes are the oldest dwelling group of jawed vertebrates. The elephant fish has modified little since bony fishes appeared round 420 million years in the past. Additionally, it has a comparatively small genome (about one-third the scale of the human genome), so it’s used for comparative genomics analysis.

Scientists are engaged on sequencing the genome of the elephant fish to grasp higher the origin and evolution of vertebrates, together with people.

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