Precision fermentation makes use of genetic engineering to rework microbes into factories that produce massive portions of a selected protein or high-value substance. Following a purification course of, the spent microbial biomass could also be used for livestock feed and fertilizer or disposed of as waste.

Fermentation tanks.

Fermentation tanks. Picture credit score: Cjp24 by way of Wikimedia(CC BY-SA 4.0)

The Seeker is on the lookout for new functions for higher and extra inventive methods of reclaiming the worth of the spent biomass.

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Many meals similar to yogurt, cheese, beer, and wine are merchandise of a fermentation course of. Nonetheless, precision fermentation is totally different, in that microorganisms are engineered to provide one thing particular (e.g. protein, enzyme), which is concentrated and filtered from the expansion media to yield a high-quality, purified product.

The Seeker needs new strategies to optimize the disposal of the remaining nutrient-rich microbial biomass in a method that reduces waste, whereas being sustainable and scalable.

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