A current bug that has given Tracer a serious buff in Overwatch 2 was anticipated to have the character disabled, however Blizzard says that will not be the case.

The bug in query removes any harm drop-off when she shoots at an opponent participant below 20 metres. Usually the quantity of harm you do scales primarily based on how shut or far-off you might be, however this bug implies that so long as you are inside 20 metres, you are basically doing the utmost quantity of harm, presuming that your intention is sweet.

It is typically been anticipated that Tracer can be disabled because of this, however as noticed by PCGamesN, a remark from the sport’s director Aaron Keller on a Reddit post concerning the bug has defined she will not be taken out of the sport.

“Hello all. We’re at present investigating and planning to deal with this bug in a future patch,” wrote Keller. “Nevertheless, this has seemingly been within the sport for the previous few builds (we simply verified it within the Halloween patch), and whereas the sharp harm drop off for Tracer is certainly a bug, her general energy stage has been okay. We aren’t planning to disable Tracer, and after we repair the bug, we may also have a look at extra adjustments to her equipment to compensate.”

The Reddit publish gave us a very good have a look at the clip in motion that reveals one burst from Tracer is sufficient to take down an enemy from just below 20 metres away, which clearly is not probably the most truthful factor on the planet. Although for Blizzard it clearly is not sufficient to take away her from the sport, like they’ve executed with characters like Mei and Bastion.

Blizzard does have plenty of options and adjustments deliberate for Overwatch 2. Just lately it started testing voice chat transcriptions to assist tackle toxicity within the sport. There are additionally plans to vary how the battle go works in future seasons, because the crew at present is not that pleased with how participant development goes.

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