BioEcho Life Sciences, the biotechnology firm supplying quick and sustainable nucleic acid extraction applied sciences, pronounces the EchoLUTION Cell Tradition RNA Package launch, for an progressive complete RNA extraction of any sort of cultured cells.

Picture Credit score: BioEcho Life Sciences

BioEcho has developed a novel product reflecting the corporate perception that even probably the most routine molecular biology protocols will be improved: the EchoLUTION Cell Tradition RNA Package. The product delivers devoted options to clients dedicated with increasing fields similar to drug discovery, sequencing, and primary analysis, similar to oncology, immunology, and transcriptomics.

The only step course of innovates the isolation of high-quality RNA out of cells for numerous purposes, reduces the time to consequence for researchers and saves a whole lot of hands-on time with out making compromises in high quality. Additional it helps the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives by decreasing plastics, solvents, and utilizing reusable parts

Dr. Thomas Neumann, Chief Industrial Officer, BioEcho

The EchoLUTION Cell Tradition RNA Package is a most handy and dependable equipment that’s straightforward to combine, as solely normal laboratory tools is required. It’s based mostly on an ultra-fast lysis mixed with the EchoLUTION know-how, which permits complete RNA extraction from totally different cell varieties (contemporary, frozen, and stabilized; adherent or suspension cells) in only one single step. This progressive know-how makes the purification 50 – 70% quicker than established kits available on the market based mostly on the bind-wash-elute process.

The result’s a premium-quality RNA with superior integrity (RIN: 9 – 10) and aggressive yield compared to silica-based strategies. Additional, EchoLUTION know-how avoids inhibitory reagents (e.g., EtOH) within the closing product, which supplies an RNA pattern completely suited to downstream purposes similar to RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, and RNAseq. As different BioEcho merchandise, the EchoLUTION Cell Tradition RNA Package decreased hazardous reagents to minimal and reduces the related plastic consumption to 60%.

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