Biocytogen Prescribed drugs (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has launched the “Nano 100 Undertaking,” which goals to develop absolutely human nanobody medicine for greater than 100 targets. 

The venture combines Biocytogen’s proprietary absolutely human nanobody mouse, RenNano, with its high-throughput in vitro and in vivo antibody screening platforms to develop absolutely human nanobody medicine on a large-scale.

In comparison with conventional antibodies, nanobodies have smaller molecular weights and improved tissue penetration skill, which make them efficient at infiltrating tumors and crossing blood-brain obstacles. Moreover, nanobodies usually have longer CDR3 areas, which permits them to acknowledge hidden epitopes higher. 

As a consequence of their easier construction, nanobodies are extra secure and simpler to supply and engineer, making them superb constructing blocks for complicated modalities similar to cell remedy, bispecific antibody and engager, multi-specific antibody, antibody drug-conjugate (ADC), and radionuclide antibody-conjugate (RAC).

After a number of years of labor, Biocytogen efficiently engineered the RenNano mouse from its absolutely human antibody mouse, RenMab. RenNano mouse possesses full human heavy chain variable areas and may produce heavy-chain-only antibodies (HCAbs). The variable areas of HCAbs, i.e., nanobodies, don’t require in vitro humanization to develop medicine. 

Biocytogen stated its analysis has proven that RenNano mouse can generate sturdy immune responses after immunizations by totally different antigens. HCAbs generated from the RenNano mouse have extremely numerous CDR3 sequences and may acknowledge many epitopes with nM-level excessive affinities. In vitro and in vivo experiments have proven that RenNano-derived antibodies have favorable organic capabilities.

Biocytogen trying to collaborate

The brand new venture goals to develop absolutely human therapeutic nanobodies towards greater than 100 targets, together with tumor related antigens (TAAs), GPCRs, immune-checkpoints, cytokines, and components associated to neurological illnesses.

Biocytogen is actively looking for collaborations with international pharmaceutical and biotech corporations to mix its large-scale nanobody improvement skills with collaborators’ experience in nanobody-related therapeutics, similar to cell therapies, bispecific and multi-specific antibodies, ADCs and RACs, to develop novel medicine with first-in-class and/or best-in-class potentials.

“We imagine that with the power to quickly develop absolutely human nanobodies towards chosen targets, the Nano 100 Undertaking will present our international companions with extra numerous and higher nanobody constructing blocks to speed up the event of novel medicine,” stated Yuelei Shen, president and CEO of Biocytogen. 

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