She’s a ninja. She’s a healer. She skilled in with fan-favourite heroes, Genji and Hanzo. She’s received a pet fox spirit. She’s cute. She will be able to cleanse you of a lot of the recreation’s debuffs. What’s to not love about Kiriko? Nicely, it relies upon who you ask. As a result of a month down the road, the jury continues to be very a lot out on Kiriko in Overwatch 2.

Get to know Kiriko in her devoted animation.

Kiriko was introduced for the sport again in September, the place Blizzard revealed she’d be the primary new character to return to the sport. She is a part of the primary battle go, or – in the event you personal the unique Overwatch – you may purchase her via your Founder’s Pack (so long as you redeem it by logging into the sport earlier than the tip of Season Two).

As a brand new character – and sort-of the mascot of Overwatch 2 in these early days – Kiriko has so much to show. And a few gamers reckon she may need been particularly designed to prop up the brand new mode that is come to the sport with Overwatch 2: Push.

Kitsune spirits make good pets, who knew?

“She is particularly designed to work in push maps,” says reddit user FragRackham. “I believe Blizz regarded on the push mode and felt [it was] missing a hero who match the chaos, map-size, and elegance of that recreation mode. Kiriko matches that mould fairly completely.”

The consumer is correct; Kiriko’s teleport and utility in relation to transferring round is completely suited to the extra labyrinthine set-up of the push maps. She will be able to additionally heal at fairly a distance, which makes up for the way tough it may be for her to do injury (and the way a lot work you have to do in an effort to out her in a damage-dealing scenario).

“A superb [Kiriko] is nearly unattainable to kill,” says WH1TEtiger777 in a thread discussing the character. “Large annoyance on the enemy group as she will outright invalidate a number of characters Ults.” That is due to her ‘cleanse’ skill which might negate the likes of Sombra’s hack, Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord, Junker Queen’s rampage, Mei’s Blizzard, Reinhardt’s earthshatter, and extra in addition to.

Let the Kitsune information you!

“And if they’ll purpose, they’ll destroy your squishy characters,” provides NopeToPerfection. That is due to the frankly deadly headshot, making her an unsuspecting high-damage seller within the fingers of exact gamers that know their timing.

“Cleanse skill a bit too robust for my tastes,” one consumer provides. “It could possibly simply make sure Ults irrelevant with good timing, and it is on a brief cooldown no much less. Aside from that, there aren’t any actual issues with anything in her equipment: robust heals, straightforward escape, repositioning. Good however not too good, simply that cleanse that wants adjusting.”

However not everyone seems to be a fan. The put up beneath outlines some issues in regards to the character that you’re going to see echoed in boards and on social media. Plenty of individuals appear to battle with the timing of her varied strikes, and I’ve skilled – first-hand – a number of the inconsistencies with Swift Step and her wall-climb. It could possibly be my creativeness, nevertheless it appears like Blizzrd heroes did not come out with these types of quirks again within the Overwatch 1 days.

Is cleanse overpowered, do you suppose?

There’s critisism of Kiriko exterior of the gameplay minutae, too. “In all probability my favourite hero,” says one consumer on reddit. “I simply want her voice performing was higher. It isn’t dangerous, it simply would not match her character.” The sentiment is echoed via the thread, the place some customers be aware she sounds ‘extra like an Apex Legends character’ and that her voice strains are ‘cringe af’. “Her dialogue was written by somebody who completely smirks as they speak,” provides one other consumer.

“Not a giant fan of her look both,” provides one other. “However she’s enjoyable to play and an extended wanted new assist so I am nonetheless completely happy she was added.”

So, the Kiriko TL;DR? She’s not a beginner-friendly hero, however when deployed effectively, she is usually a large asset in push, and as soon as you set the hours in to study the intricacies of her playstyle, you may develop into a heal-flinging, cleaning demon on the battlefield. And actually rile your enemies up. She’s good for thoughts video games, then – mull on that while you’re serious about which assist you wish to observe with subsequent.

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