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Fancy your self a Stardew Valley nerd? Do you’re feeling like you already know the sport inside and outside? We’re right here to problem that, with 25 area of interest and stunning issues that you could be (or could not) already know in regards to the recreation!

25 Issues You Did not Know About Stardew Valley

Rarecrow references

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The Rarecrows, which as uncommon scarecrows achieved via varied means, are all a bit bizarre. Some are apparent references — aliens, the dwarf from the mines — however others embody references to ConcernedApe’s favorite films, apparently!

Simpsons reference

You may make your self a pair of Radioactive Goggles by combining Fabric and a Radioactive Bar. These goggles have the outline “Does not truly present any safety from radiation” — a reference to the notorious Radioactive Man episode of The Simpsons, wherein Rainier Wolfcastle will get splashed within the eyes with acid, crying, “My eyes! The goggles do nothing!”

Previous names

Penny was once named Dana, Alex was Josh, and Willy was… Dick. Yeah.

Secret animations

You may click on on NPC sprites to make them animate!

Costume like trash

Actually! Put a chunk of trash within the stitching machine (Damaged CD, Damaged Glasses, Driftwood, Soggy Newspaper, and Trash all work) and you will get a prime that appears like a bin. Pair these with the attractive Rubbish Hat, which seems to be like a bin lid and may be present in (you guessed it) the bins round city, and you will look similar to a garbage receptacle. Add a gray pleated skirt to complete the look!

Transfer out of your mom’s basement

Six of the 12 marriage candidates (Maru, Penny, Sebastian, Abigail, Sam, Alex) dwell with their mother and father or grandparents. The lease scenario is hard over there, possibly? There are solely a handful of homes to dwell in, anyway…

Choosy eaters

Villagers will complain about having to eat the dishes you promote to Pierre in the event that they’re “regular” high quality. Apparently everybody on the town has actually excessive requirements, and if you happen to promote a ton of meals to Pierre, you may get this dialogue over and over and over.

Crossovers within the farmingverse

There is a secret Stardew/Terraria crossover with Junimos, blue chickens, and Joja Cola.

Local weather change

From @lil_wage on Twitter:

“In Stardew Valley storms are helpful for battery packs, however they’re uncommon. There may be an merchandise referred to as a rain totem that makes it rain the following day, however not storm. Until, that’s, it’s used DURING a storm, prolonging it. It has been storming in Pelican City for 12 days straight now”

Blood? No, that is simply crimson water

Fish ponds
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Lava Eels, Tremendous Cucumbers, Slimejacks, and Void Salmons change the color of the fish pond water to crimson, blue, inexperienced, and purple, if you need your ponds to match the general vibe of your Halloween/goth/sewer farm!

Cucumber vogue

Place a Sea Cucumber or a Tremendous Cucumber within the stitching machine, and you will get… a tube prime. Sure. You might be sporting the cucumber as a prime. That is vogue, child!

Steppin’ within the rain

Do you know that the climate in Stardew Valley is just not random, however as a substitute decided by the variety of steps that the participant has taken? This may sound ridiculously unhelpful, but it surely’s truly really useful for speedrunners, who can take a exactly calculated variety of steps to ensure rain.

Effectively, it is truly a little more complicated than that. The random likelihood can be calculated by integers just like the participant’s distinctive ID quantity and the variety of days they’ve performed. Nonetheless, if you happen to’re the type of speedrunner that loves manipulating variables, then all you want is to know which seed you are utilizing, after which you may reproduce the identical “random” output constantly. Cool, huh?

The mayor’s underwear are scrumptious

For those who put Mayor Lewis’ purple shorts within the soup on the Luau, Mayor Lewis will yell at you for ruining the soup and “utilizing my very non-public merchandise for this sick function”… however the Governor, whom you are attempting to impress within the first place, has the next to say:

“Hmm… It is a bit tangy… however truly, the flavour is sort of good! Only one minute… there’s one thing in my bowl… what’s this?”

Good soup.

Different underwear alternatives

You may as well show the purple shorts within the grange show as a part of the Stardew Valley Truthful (you may be provided Star Tokens to take them down), and you may even put on them (Lewis will probably be upset, however Marnie will giggle). For those who’ve unlocked Ginger Island and the Resort, you may give them to him whereas he is visiting, and he’ll put on them on the seashore!

The sport will keep in mind that

Stardew Title
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Stardew Valley tracks what number of instances you’ve got launched the sport, and each every so often you may see messages within the lower-left nook once you hit an vital quantity. Launch the sport 20 instances, and you will see somewhat coronary heart; 30 instances and you will be informed to “Beat Journey Of The Prairie King with out dying”; 10,000 instances and you will get a particular message from ConcernedApe (which we can’t spoil).

Your participant may be actually dangerous at music

…For no cause! In case your randomly-assigned ID in multiplayer is divisible by 111, any music your character plays will be off-key. This consists of Elliott’s piano and the music emote.

The sunflower seed conspiracy

When JojaMart and Pierre’s exist on the similar time, Pierre’s costs undercut Joja by fairly a bit — apart from Sunflower Seeds, which value 200 gold at Pierre’s and solely 125 gold at JojaMart. If you are going to buy the Joja Membership, costs throughout the board will lower to match Pierre’s store, however the Sunflower Seeds lower too, taking them all the way down to 100 gold at JojaMart.

It will get weirder, although! Once you harvest Sunflower seeds, you get further seeds again from the flowers, and you may then promote these again to Pierre for 20 gold every — until to procure them from JojaMart within the first place, wherein case Pierre will purchase them for 100 gold as a substitute. Pierre, what’s flawed with you?

Frog hat

You may get a frog hat by fishing within the Gourmand’s Lake on Ginger Island. Who put it there? Don’t fret about it.

Espresso hipster

Put a Espresso Bean within the stitching machine, and you will get… a flannel shirt. The uniform of espresso hipsters in every single place.

Pleasant slimes

Hatch a slime on the town, and will probably be a pleasant little man, greeting the townsfolk by identify. Awww.


The 2 “Unusual Doll” artifacts within the recreation are literally a reference to ConcernedApe’s previous work — specifically, a webcomic he used to make referred to as Wumbus World. You may as well see Wumbus within the sci-fi film “Wumbus” on the Film Theater and by getting the Wumbus statue within the crane recreation. You may even put the inexperienced doll within the stitching machine to make a Wumbus T-shirt!

You made the moon offended

Angry moon
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Click on on the moon on the twenty seventh of any month to summon an offended little moon face, which is probably a reference to Georges Méliès brief silent movie ‘A Journey to the Moon’, wherein a rocket crashes into the attention of the person on the moon. Therefore why he is sporting a monocle.

Shrimp Fanatic

For those who love shrimp, why not make your self a T-shirt that lets everybody understand it? Put Shrimp Cocktail within the stitching machine to make this shrimp-tastic piece of clothes. Shrimp!!

No ice cream for you!

For those who marry Alex, he’ll merely refuse to work on the ice cream stand throughout summer season, presumably as a result of he is aware of he can mooch off you as a substitute. Boo.

Trendy urchins

Urchin wedding
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You in all probability know you may put hats on youngsters and horses, however do you know you may put hats on sea urchins within the fish tank in your own home? It is very cute. You may place hats on the Alien Rarecrow, too!

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